Rido is a unique music composser and sound engineer from Prague. He was drawn into electronic music after being exposed to the heavy beats of The Prodigy.

In 2004 he moved to Sydney to study sound engineering at SAE. After he returned back to Prague, he started to concentrate on making music and mixing full-time. His first international release was a soulful tech slammer, featuring the vocals of Spikey Tee, called “Life is Strange,” for the Holland based Fokuz recordings.

In 2010 Rido meet up in the studio with Concord Dawn and made several tracks. One track called “One and Only” is featuring on the Concord Dawn´s album called “Enemy within” and track “The Heat” was released on Uprising with another big track from Rido called “Detonate”

But the big turnover for Rido happened in 2011. In February he released tracks Exoplanet and Poison on Black sun empire imprint called Obsessions, and that push him to write another track called Focus. Focus was the first track that cought Metalheadz attention. After that Rido started immediately working hard on a new material for the legendary label and the first that followed was
The Prague connection EP with his friend Hybris that came out in August 2011. Not long after Rido released his big single for Metalheadz with tracks “Twisted” and “Core”. After that he released solo on Metalheadz called “Faith” .

In 2015 he released interesting collab Ep, this time with Austrian professor Mefjus. Ep has been released on Blackout music in June 2015 and it was called “Optimum trajectory” . And in September 2016 Rido finaly released his debut album called “Rhythm of life”.

In 2017 Rido continued his search for interesting combinations of energy and melodies with another two singles on his home label Blackout. First single with tracks “Sexy thing” and collab “Respond” and second with rave influanced banger called “Say it loud” and collaboration with the legendary Optiv called “Liar”. And in 2018 before the festival season kicks in he released another single on Blackout music with tracks “ The journey” and heavy hitting “Roll the drums”

Rido work also includes several really interesting remixes for artists like Black sun empire, John B, Freq naste, Andain etc.

As a sound engineer Rido worked on a lot of movie sound tracks and music records. To name a few : movie “Red tails” for George Lucas, Engelbert Humperdinck with the Prague symphony – Legacy of love, Piranha 3D sound track or sound track for Westland tv series. Yet there is more to come………


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